Every day, traders in search of a morning gap trade or two will find stocks that just refuse to get down to our preferred buy price.

Maybe they find support at a higher level, find a group of buyers and rally higher as the day goes on.

Well, just because a stock didn’t reach our buy price, doesn’t necessarily mean the trade is over.

We’re always on the lookout for stocks that are approaching a gap fill zone, where we there may be a nice juicy price reaction in the other direction.

In the video below, you’ll see a trade setup right out of the “gap fill text book.”

Many traders have a hard time maintaining a short list of high quality gap fill opportunities to watch throughout the day.

We now have a solution for that, which is a direct lesson in supply and demand.

Ever since launching TheLazyGapTrader in early 2016, there have been many request for a gap fill alert service.

Beginning yesterday, traders who receive my morning gap trade alerts will also receive a hot list of 21 stocks that are within shooting distance of their gap fill level.

It’s pretty simple, if enough customers say they want it, then you should be providing it.  That’s how business works.

We welcome all feedback, good bad and ugly.