A Note About The Daily Gap Fill List

The Daily Gap Fills List is provided as a courtesy for monthly subscribers.

The gap fill list is a compilation of stocks that have been identified as being close to an area where it may close a gap left open from a prior trading day.

This list is dynamic and will change during the day, and from one day to the next based on how the stocks trade.

This is not necessarily a complete list of stocks that are trading close to their gap fill area, but my list nonetheless.

Traders must be aware of the rules in trading gap fills.  How a stock comes into a price level will often determine whether or not the trade has a high percentage of success or not.

Each gap identified is based on the daily chart.  Traders who have taken the course understand that we use various other time frames to identify the viability of the trade.

Traders who need a quick refresher on exactly where the gap fill area is can visit http://blog.lazygaptrader.com/exact-spot-stocks-fill-gap/

Traders need to be aware that time of day can affect the probabilities on short trades.  Please visit: http://blog.lazygaptrader.com/not-all-gap-fill-trades-are-created-equal/

Please refrain from soliciting trading advice during the session on whether or not you should enter a trade.  If you’re unsure of a trade, don’t take it.

Traders who have not taken the course and don’t understand the methodology may find it difficult to find success with these trades.  All the information that is needed to trade the gaps is found in the self paced video based course.

Any suggestions traders have to enhance the experience for all members is 100% welcome.