Frequently Asked (or Burning) Questions


What trading platform is that?

You see two different trading platforms in the videos.  The one used most often for stock trades is TradeStation.  I also use Ninja Trader.  Both platforms perform very well.

How much money do I need to start with to Trade The Gaps?

Each trader is different and in different financial situations.  On of the best things about trading is that you can buy and sell any amount of stock you want.  The percentage gain is what your interested in.  Building your account over time is what’s important.  This is not a get rick quick scheme, it’s more like a marathon, where over time, your trades will get bigger, your account size will grow and with the power of compounding, you can build a nice future if you have the discipline to follow the rules set forth.

How many gap trades per day?

We typically find three to five morning gap trading opportunities per day.  Out of those, one or two will generally hit their specified price levels.  You can also expect to find another 2 – 4 gap fill trades per day – if you’re looking.

Do I need to take the course to get your gap trade alerts?

No.  However, the knowledge you will acquire by taking the course will enable you to fully understand how to trade the gaps.  The trade alerts in the morning include a price to buy or sell, profit and stop loss targets.  Traders need to understand why these price levels are important and how to manage through the trades.  Learning how to do something for yourself is certainly much better than relying on another traders work.  Build yourself a future

Which stocks can I trade with this strategy?

In the course you’ll learn the specific criteria necessary for a stock to qualify and be considered for a gap trade.  It can be very hazardous to your brokerage account to trade gaps with the wrong stocks.

Can I trade penny stocks using this strategy?

No.  Some probably work, but the risk is much higher and is not recommended.

If I buy the course, what type of support do you offer?

Good question.  All traders who purchase the course get full support.  No question ever goes unanswered.  Learning is an ongoing process, and all traders get the benefit of 25 years of trading experience.

If I purchase your course, do I need any other tools or subscriptions?

You will not need anything extra.  The only thing you will need is a trading platform and a brokerage account.  Most trading platforms provide the pre-market data on the stocks we’re looking to identify.  In addition, there are free tools to mentioned in the course.

Do I need your monthly subscription and trade alerts to be successful?

Absolutely not.  Everything you need to know to learn how to trade the gaps is in the course.  Some traders like to validate their findings, especially in the beginning.  Some traders are lazy and just want my levels.  Either way, it’s not a must, just a nice to have.

Can options be used with this strategy?

Yes they can.  However, traders must realize that options carry a lot more risk.  As long as you understand you could lose the entire premium or have unlimited downside if writing naked puts or calls.

Some of the stocks that qualify for gap trades do not have options that are liquid enough, therefore would not be good candidates to trade.